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In every crisis,
there's a real opportunity.

We have amazing young men living on the South and West sides of Chicago with Extraordinary potential to do good.

— Arne Duncan, Managing Partner


Chicago CRED works with local businesses to lift up youth & boost Chicago’s economy.

Tap into CRED's workforce and boost Chicago’s economy. We believe that jobs can help stop violence. Participants receive salaries while learning hard skills, soft skills and life skills.

Is your Chicago business
looking for a great workforce?

Turn Street cred into real cred.

Together we'll Create Real Economic Destiny.



These streets are broken but you’re not.
These streets want you down-and-out, but you?
You want up.
All your life you’ve heard the promises,
the make-believe,
that you’re nothing at all.
But you’re something.
Maybe you were put on this earth
to do something astonishing.
Maybe there are a thousand kids
waiting to look up to you.
So let them look.
Because this is your destiny.
And your new world,
it won’t be just four blocks side by side.
It’s as enormous as you want it to be.
As noisy as unforgettable.
And it speaks in your voice.
It’s filled with some unbeatable pride.
So take all that homegrown hustle
running through your veins and
create real economic destiny.