Reducing Gun Violence in Chicago

Chicago CRED believes the individuals most at risk are not the problem—they are the solution.

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A Holistic Approach to reducing Gun Violence

CRED focuses on the places where violence is an everyday occurrence and people who are most at risk of shooting or being shot.

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Projects and Initiatives

The everyday work of supporting participants consumes most of CRED’s time and budget, but we also have several targeted strategies to reduce gun violence and make communities safer.


The Chicago CRED Alumni platform is a continuation of support, community, and culture for former participants that have completed the programmatic phases of Chicago CRED.

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Women’s Program

In 2019, CRED started a program for women, many of whom have children and some of whom have suffered sexual abuse, as well as gun violence-related trauma. Nearly 100 woman have now gone through the program and are on a new path to safer lives for themselves and their families.

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Youth Program

In 2021, CRED started a youth program on the South Side with just seven participants. Today, it has grown to more than 40 and plans are underway to open a West Side youth program.

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The FLIP Program recruits men and a few women who are very close to the streets to put down their guns, put on a CRED jacket or tee-shirt and occupy 80-90 of the most violent locations in the city during summer evenings and weekends.

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policy & advocacy

Taking Action to The Policy Floor

For every dollar invested in violence prevention, cities can save up to $19 in reduced healthcare, criminal, and legal costs.

We educate city leaders and state-level policy makers on the value of violence prevention programs that create sustainable long-term change.
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Grant Partners

Reducing gun violence isn’t something any one group does alone. Meet our partners.

Strategic Initiatives

Creating systemic change means taking a multifaceted approach to gun violence reduction.

Policy & Advocacy

Educating policy makers and everyday citizens is critical to promoting positive change.

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A 19:1 Financial ROI on Taking Violence Prevention to Scale

Average Cost to Fund Each Participant

Months of Programming Plus Ongoing Alumni Support

Estimated Savings if Gun Violence in Chicago Falls 80%

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About Us

A radical reduction in gun violence is within reach

Chicago CRED works with hundred of young men and women, like-minded organizations, and community leaders to radically reduce gun violence and bring hope back to Chicago.

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“Outreach Programs are compatible with effective policing”

“Outreach programs are not a threat to police departments whatsoever. Cities should not be scaling back on law enforcement when they are in the midst of spiking gun violence. We need to get to a point where we’re investing in other institutions at a scale where they can have a chance to have a transformative impact.”

Patrick Sharkey | Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs / Princeton University


CRED’s Violence Prevention Partners

Discover the incredible work our talented partners and community leaders are doing in their respective neighborhoods.

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Let’s Build Solutions to Gun Violence Based on Data

Chicago CRED has designed, tested, and refined a gun violence reduction program based on the lived experience of our staff and participants and data tracking their progress. Join us in offering real opportunities to men and women at highest risk of gun violence.

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