Job Training For The Workforce Of The Future

There’s tremendous untapped talent in Chicago that’s been virtually locked out of the economy for too many years. CRED helps young men and women explore their talents, develop skills, get real experience, and ultimately find success in the legal economy. Chicago is hungry for energetic skilled labor. With the right training, these young men and women can be the workforce of the future.

A Process of Discovery

Young men and women are interested in finding their passions and careers, not just jobs. They want to reach their potential.

The first step is figuring out what that passion is. Through tours and site visits, guest speakers, hands-on training, and paid internships, CRED helps participants discover the path they want to pursue.


Chicago Cred team chatting on the street
man working in shipping warehouse

Long Term Success

Our mentors work with participants to set goals based on their individual needs and strengths, and then create action plans to achieve them.

When placed in a permanent job, the work isn’t finished. All CRED grads get a year of ongoing life coaching after they launch into employment.

It’s been a blessing to have the CRED men work with us.

“They’ve demonstrated such spirit and hard work. I’m proud that we could help them get back on their feet and offer them professional experience to move forward.”

Mike Boonstra | General Manager of Pullman Sugar

Training for a better life

When our men transition into full-time jobs, we continue to collaborate with them on two priority areas: soft skills, such as time management, teamwork, and workplace professionalism; and industry-specific hard skills. Both help young men and women turn a first job into a career.

Man working forklift

“I was looking for a job”

“And they (Chicago CRED) provided me with the opportunity to learn a trade.”

Demetrius | CRED Participant

Workforce Partners 

Bridging the Gap

CRED graduates are working for leading Chicago companies that embrace our mission that men can be transformed and become valued, productive employees.

laine's bake shop
figliulo silverman
the levy company
blommer chocolate company
F.H. Paschen
chicago furniture bank
ascher bros painting
DLA paper
chicago painters council
continental painting & decorating
Pullman Innovations

Let’s build a safer Chicago together

Let’s work together to help these young men and women find their potential.

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