Life Coaching

Framing new perspectives, new goals, and a first chance at a different life is key to giving our men and women hope and purpose as they heal from the trauma of gun violence.

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Life Coaches Build Relationships to Guide Participants Through the Program

Life coaches wear a lot of hats: teacher, advisor, advocate, and friend. With caseloads of up to 15 at any one time, they guide participants through CRED’s 18-24 month program, are available around the clock and provide support in moments of crisis. They facilitate group discussions aimed at self-regulation and reflection, creating safe spaces for participants to be vulnerable and share their stories.

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We’ve got someone in our corner that is real

“Honestly these coaches don’t just come in and do their jobs. They’ve been there before and they are guiding us and doing more hands on outside of work that’s not being seen. They take it upon themselves to call us every morning. They have genuine love for us. We’ve got someone in our corner that is real.”

Damien | chicago cred graduate

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“Experience is the best teacher. It just doesn’t have to be your own experience.” – Richard Blackmon, Life Coach

Many CRED life coaches have had similar life experiences as participants. While most are considerably older than the participants, CRED has also begun developing “peer” coaches who are closer in age to the people they serve.

Showing Up

When someone shows up for you, time and time again, it’s life-changing.

Many men and women in our program have never had that kind of relationship.

Our life coaches provide it. They’re deeply passionate mentors and advocates, personally invested in the success of everyone who walks through our doors.

The creation of safe and reliable relationships not only helps these men and women heal, but it also gives them the tools they need to stabilize their lives to make the jump to the legal economy.

Young women and men in our program meet with coaches, face-to-face, every single week to get organized and proactive on everything, from housing and child care, to navigating the legal system, and reaching their education goals. 

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