Youth Program

CRED Youth Program seeks to cut off the pipeline into the street life and help young people stay in school and stay safe.

preparing the next generation to thrive

The Youth Program currently serves dozens of teens, who meet two days per week after school for many of the same services provided to the older participants. These include outreach, life coaching, therapy, employment and education support-applying the same prevention and intervention strategies that have proven successful in Roseland and elsewhere across Chicago are implemented to serve our youth.

By any means…

“We do whatever it takes to keep our young people safe and on track.”

JAYLA RUFUS | Chicago CRED, Manager of Youth Engagement

addressing trauma, building life skills

Participants learn a range of life skills, including financial literacy and stress management. They participate in restorative justice programs and work with clinicians to process trauma. Because the participants are younger and mostly living with a parent or grandparent, program staff also work more directly with families, providing as-needed services that can include family therapy and other support services on issues like housing and drug treatment.

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