Earning a GED gives participants a better shot at a good life.

Guiding Participants Back to School

During the Outreach Phase, the Education Team administers education assessments to all participants to assess academic challenges and to determine each individual’s educational goals. Based on those goals, an educational plan is developed.

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Our Education Results

celebrating their educational journey

To date, over 200 CRED participants have earned their high school diploma through Penn Foster, an online high school that CRED has worked with since 2017. Participants work at their own pace to complete at least three exams each week, either in a classroom setting or independently from home, at a time that may be more convenient for them. Those individuals able to stay on pace can graduate in about nine months.

tutors help participants reach the finish line

CRED tutors assist with writing assignments, reading, and exams, as well as one-on-one tutoring as needed. 

Helping Today’s Youth Find A Better Future

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