Women’s Program

The Women’s Program is vital to protecting and empowering the women in our communities. 

empowering women is vital to the health of our communities

Since 2019, Chicago CRED has served more than 100 women in the Roseland/Pullman community at risk of gun violence. Women also occupy many positions of leadership in Chicago CRED.

women-focused,                   women-led

The Women’s Program staff includes female outreach workers, life coaches, peer coaches and therapists who work with women between the ages 18-35 throughout the program. Programming includes the option to complete their high school and post-secondary education goals, and receive cognitive behavior intervention (CBI), life skills coaching, access to financial literacy and parenting, as well as opportunities to access the arts such as creative writing.

it takes a village

Through Chicago CRED, women are creating communities of support to help meet needs like child and elder care, as well as safe and stable housing. The Women’s Program offers exposure to travel beyond their neighborhoods as well as employment opportunities. They are encouraged to participate in and lead community service projects and to express themselves and share their experiences through creative writing.

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