Our Team

Cedric Hawkins

Strategic Initiatives Manager

Cedric Hawkins joins Chicago CRED as the Strategic Initiatives Manager reporting to Jalon Arthur. In this role he will primarily be responsible for providing ongoing program support to CRED’s network of citywide street outreach investments, and work on a portfolio of short and longer-term strategic initiatives (e.g., FLIP strategy, 2020 VISION social media strategy, etc.) with a range of citywide violence reduction partners. Cedric has an intimate knowledge of Chicago-based violence dynamics as he was born and raised in Chicago’s Roseland/West Pullman community. Cedric’s most recent work has focused on gun violence reduction services/strategies, mapping, and working with the youth as a Outreach Specialist. Before joining Chicago CRED, Cedric worked with the “FLIP”, mediating conflicts, and practicing relentless engagement. The work Cedric does hit home for him because he has lost more than six family members due to gun violence in the Roseland/West Pullman areas. Cedric graduated from high school and is looking to further his education soon. For fun, he likes to watch sports and spend time with  his teenage daughter.

Erin Yancey

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