The Chicago CRED Basketball League season is over, and it was a complete success. The final two games of the seven-game series were played on Saturday, July 23 at the Penthouse Basketball Court and hosted by 167 Green. While the views outside were incredible, the plays on the court were the real highlight of the day. A big shout-out to Craig, our beloved sports announcer, and to Monica and Sherry, our queens of event planning. The stars of the show were the team players who would not have been able to safely be on the same block with one another a year ago, let alone play on a basketball court. They supported one another both on the court and after the game. And our own leader, Arne Duncan, was able to get time on another court where he said, “the championships are even sweeter these days – we know how lucky we are to still be able to play the game we love”

Take a moment to view this official recap video from the CRED Championship game.

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