The North Lawndale Collaborative community forum was a significant gathering that brought together leaders in community violence intervention and residents of the Lawndale community. The purpose of the event was to discuss the efforts being made to bring violence prevention to scale in the community.
During the event, many residents of Lawndale shared insights and perspectives on what it will take to make the community safer. One common theme that emerged was the need for partnerships with the police department, parental involvement and meaningful action.
Another crucial point raised during the event was the need for a clear understanding of the work being done by community violence intervention organizations. Residents expressed the desire to know what strategies and initiatives these organizations are implementing to put an end to violence on the Westside of Chicago.
Jason Little, an outreach worker from Chicago CRED, stated that outreach workers aim to work with young men and women who are at risk of violence or committing violent acts. Their goal is to incentivize these individuals to stop engaging in criminal activities.
There was also a discussion about the importance of creating an environment where the most vulnerable members of the community feel safe to come forward and contribute to reducing the number of killings.
The organizers of this event expressed their gratitude to everyone who took the time to participate in this meaningful conversation. By bringing together community leaders, residents, and violence intervention organizations, the event aimed to foster collaboration and develop strategies to make the Lawndale community safer.

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