On Wednesday, October 25 the first cohort of the Emerging Leaders program successfully concluded. This program had a clear purpose, which was to build relationships, cultivate skills, and create a community for future leaders within the organization, both internally and externally.



Cedric Hawkins, the Strategic Initiatives Manager at Chicago CRED, shared his experience, stating that he had never seen himself as an emerging leader before, but through this program, he learned to embrace that role and stop putting himself down.


Jack Jomarron, a Policy Analyst at Chicago CRED, also expressed his gratitude for the program, mentioning that it helped him learn from various leadership styles and grow in his own abilities as a leader. The core components of the program included assertiveness, public speaking, teamwork, and self-reflection.


Arne Duncan, impressed by the group, described them as an extraordinary team of leaders from all parts of the CRED family, doing truly remarkable work.

Congratulations to these future leaders on their achievements!

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