On May 8, Arne Duncan moderated a discussion on violence prevention and public safety with Jalon Arthur, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Chicago CRED; Jim Crown, the Chairman of a public safety task force of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club and a funder of violence prevention programs through his family foundation, Crown Family Philanthropies; and Chris Patterson, Assistant Secretary of Firearm Violence Prevention, Illinois Department of Human Services.

This discussion covered a variety of topics related to keeping communities safe, such as crime prevention, emergency preparedness, community policing, and strategic safety planning. Each panelist addressed the various challenges facing public safety in Chicago will exploring potential solutions to address them.

Each panelist addressed the importance of community involvement in promoting public safety, including neighborhood watch programs, community policing initiatives, and community emergency response teams.

Overall, this public safety discussion aimed to bring together diverse perspectives and ideas to work towards creating safer communities and addressing the various challenges facing public safety.

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