Chicago CRED prepares young adult men for entry-level jobs in the private sector—teaching them both the soft skills and hard skills needed to succeed in today’s workforce. We are seeking employment opportunities across all industries for our graduates. Potential employers should be comfortable with applicants with prior criminal backgrounds but who have a thirst to work hard and advance their lives and their careers.

If you are interested in learning more about hiring our graduates, contact us.

Here are examples of industries where Chicago CRED men have already received real-life training:


Many Chicago CRED men have gained real world construction experience by working on our initiative to rehab homes in the historic Pullman neighborhood. Through this initiative, men earn their OSHA 10 certificate and then work on various deconstruction sites throughout their community.

This is one way our men are investing in their neighborhoods while investing in themselves.

Warehousing + Manufacturing

Chicago CRED men interested in warehousing and manufacturing are given the opportunity to earn their OSHA 10 certificate and forklift license.


Chicago CRED men have launched successful careers in the landscaping industry after gaining real-world experience working on neighborhood beautification projects.

As part of their training, Chicago CRED men earn an OSHA 10 certificate and have the potential to earn additional certificates working with specific landscaping tools.



Men on Chicago CRED’s culinary path have earned their food sanitation license and have experience in food preparation, serving and catering.

This fall, our men had the honor of preparing and catering a Back to School event attended by many of Chicago’s civic leaders, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel.


Chicago is a hub for the logistics industry and Chicago CRED men have the skills—ranging from customer service to warehousing distribution—that meet the needs of this fast-paced, ever-expanding industry.

Media + Communications

Chicago CRED men have a unique perspective to share with the world. They have a voice worth listening to and stories we all can learn from.

Men on our media path have created short films and published books that tell you who they really are.


Community Beautification

Chicago CRED men give back to their community by working on neighborhood cleanup projects.

Their experience doing community clean up positions them for successful careers in street beautification and the sanitation industry. 


From display to design, men on our fashion path have a range of experience that makes them ideal candidates for careers within the fashion industry.

A recent fashion show featuring their streetwear looks was highlighted in industry publications including Complex and HYPEBEAST.