Chicago CRED Participant Reflects on Dropping Out of College

MAY 24, 2017

When Kalil Warner left his hometown of Chicago for college, the compounding pressures of being a student with a full-time job became overwhelming. Unable to pay rent, he was forced to leave school and return to Chicago without a plan.

Today, Kalil thrives in Chicago CRED’s pilot program, where he works toward his dream of becoming a writer. In a recent blog for Education Post, Kalil opens up about his experience and gives advice to young students considering a college education. He hopes sharing his own story will inspire others to strive for their goals and succeed in higher education.

As he prepares to head back to college for his degree, Kalil is sharpening his storytelling skills through work on a documentary with Free Spirit Media and writing a memoir. “By reflecting on my experiences, I’m learning to see the world differently,” he writes. “I’m ready to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals.”